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Buy moncler outlet online italia 2015 online sale big disco

Buy moncler outlet online italia 2015 online sale big disco

帖子Norrissar » 周一 11月 02, 2015 3:23 am

Ten Relay Race Ideas and Games For Kids and Family

Today, our schedule was pretty empty. I asked the kids what they wanted to do this evening as a family. The kids yelled in unison, "Family Relays!"

Two years ago my husband was out of town for a trip. The kids and I came up with the first annual family relay races. My children were ages: five, five, four and four and less than one at the time. We divided up into two teams. Each team had a five year old and a four year old. The baby 'cheered' on both teams.

Brainstorming Family Relay ActivitiesThe kids are now two years older and today will be the third annual relays. To prepare for today's festivities, I suggested the kids get a piece of paper and start brainstorming ideas. They later handed me a paper with ten relay race moncler uk outlet ideas.

I reviewed the ideas, modified a bit and assigned teams. The field was created. The props, snacks and clothes were set aside. The camera is ready.

Opening Ceremonies For The Family Relay GamesThe kids put on their team uniforms, also known as swimsuits. I am a stay at home mom and am generally dressed in workout clothes. The relay entailed dressing up in a tank top, running shorts and a pair of my gym shoes and running to a turnaround point and back. You must then undress yourself (with or without partner's help) and then the partner must dress up in Mom's clothes. After they are completely dressed, they must run to the turnaround point and back. The winner completes the course first.

Family Outdoor Activity Success!The kids had a blast. The two year old had a fun watching and moncler outlet online trying to participate. He even got pushed in the baby car races. My husband and I could not stop laughing between organizing the next event and watching the kids fall over cracking up. It is hard to take pictures when you are laughing, too!

Family relay races have become a family tradition. In a few years, moncler uk my husband and I will not need to organize and assist in the games. We might be moncler outlet 2015 on a team.

The kids anxiously talked about doing the relays all day. They fondly talked about having done the relays all night.

I am anxious for the next time the course is set up, the huddle is formed and "Let the games begin" is yelled!

Family relay races are an outdoor family activity that is here to stay!

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Thanks, spangen. Our kids had so much fun doing the relays. I really enjoyed writing about it hoping that atleast one more family would have as much fun. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, spangen! I appreciate it!

You did an amazing presentation and what fun! You made me moncler outlet get up and make a great day with your ideas just to give it all a go. So many laughs. My kids' favorite was the balloon pop. Each child ties a balloon around their ankle and you try NOT to have yours popped while you pop others. Check out my link for some cool pictures taken during the family activities on vacation.

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